Secretary Cum Treasurer  Asst. Prof. Dr. C. S. Sirka Honorary Secretary

I am happy to note that IADVL Orissa branch has opened a web site of its own. This web site speaks about IADVL Orissa, its scientific activity, journal and members.

The interesting part of the web site is it speaks about individual dermatologists location , contact number, field of interest. I strongly believe that the web site will be of great help to Dermatologists, other specialist & patients to know about the organizations, available treatment options & location of the dermatologist.

I wish the web site all the best

President Prof. Dr. Basanti Devi

In this age of cyber connectivity all genuine associations should be accessible to its members at all times and from all corners.

Now our state Iadvl has introduced its own website ( The hurdles in the way of members communicating with the association and vice versa is completely removed. I am really excited about its implementation.

All the honored members are to avail of this opportunity. I am grateful to Dr.B.C.Pradhan (President) and Dr Manjulata Dash(secy 2006-2008) & prof Dr. H.C.Mohanty for their initiating effects for the same. I am also grateful to M/s Fulfard India ltd. for their financial support. I hope all the members will utilize the service