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Till 1971, Orissa Dermatologists were members of   Dermatological society of  India(DSI) & Professor K C Sahoo  of our state was one of the  founder member of  Dermatological Society of India.  The  Indian Association of  Dermatologist, Venereologist & leprologist  (IADVL) was born in 1973 as a result of the amalgamation of the Indian  Association of Dermatologists and Venereologists (IADV) with the Dermatological  Society of India    (DSI). In the same year Orissa branch AIDVL was formed  and Professor  H C Mohanty was 1st President & Dr. P C Singh was 1st  Hon General  Secretary of the  Organization. Subsequently the  organization was  lead by  prominent member of IADVL like   Professor P C Singh, Professor B P Devi, Professor  D C Jena .Dr. S C Bal, Professor P Kanungo,   Dr. F K Behera, Dr. Jutika Mohanty, Dr.  Pramila Prusty, Dr. D M Sahoo, Dr.KC Sahoo,  Dr. A Sahoo, Dr. Saraswati Mishra,   Dr. R k Panda, Dr. S C Mallick, Dr. P C Rath, Dr, Chimay Mishra, Dr. P Mohanty, Dr.   Jayshree Mohanty, Dr. Satyadarshi Pattnaik,  Dr,. Deepak Kumar Jena, , Dr.  Manjulata Dash. Dr. Bichand Pradhan, Dr. Basanti Devi, Dr.C S Sirka whose  able  stewardship has  lead the organization to the  present state.  In 2008 IADVL Orissa  branch  bought a house of its own in  IMA  house building Cuttack , Orissa, & named  the house  after  Professor  HC Mohanty as “Professor Harish Mohanty Dermahouse”,  as he has the major contribution in the purchase. However, Dr. Majulata Dash & Dr.  B C Pradhan were  instrumental in  timely completion of the house.& opening web  site of the branch www.iadvlorissa.org . Now our branch has about 100 IADVL life  members.

Contribution to National & Intern National Dermatology Conferences

1. Dr. P Mohanty & Dr. Satyadarshi Pattnaik were our IADVL members who  received  IADVL scholarship in 2004 to attend ICD conference at Bezing , China . 

2.Dr. Tanmay Padhi & Dr. Kishan Agarwala ( now our state branch member) were two  young  dynamic dermatologist from  our state branch  were among the selected  members of  young dermatologist to attend the World Congress Dermatologist held  at Argentina in 2007.

 3.Our IADVL members have presented papers in the National, Pediatric conference at  Calcuta 2008, Zonal conference Calcutta 2008 and has been awarded best paper  wards .  

Conference organized by our state IADVL are:

1.National STD conference- 1987 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa- Professor H C Mohanty.

2.National IADVL conference-1999 at Bhubaneswar, Orissa- Dr. S C Mallick East Zone  IADVL -2006(Dermazone) & CME on Pediatric Dermatology at Puri, Orissa- Dr. P Mohanty 

3.State Conference every year

 Dermatology in Orissa


In the year 1962 Dermatology  evolved as a independent  department from the  Internal Medicine at  S C B Medical College Cuttack, Orissa and was headed by  Professor  K C Sahoo, later during his tenure the inception of PG degree took place in  the year 1969 . Now it’s a well recognized specialty.  There are other two  govt.  medical college in the state like MKCG Medical College Berhampur , V S S Medical College.  Professor D M Sahoo  & Professor P C Singh were instrumental in starting  the PG degree course in these two Medical college. The year 2006 -2007 was a turning point in the in the field of Dematology in Orissa,  when Professor Minati Mishra & Dr. P Mohanty  at S C B Medical College Cuttack,   introduced Dermatosurgery in the department. In  the same year under the  leadership of  Professor P C Singh,HOD, Dept. of Skin & VD, Hightec  Medical College, Bhubanesar along with other prominent members   Dr. B R Kar of   SUM Hospital, Dr. S C Bal of  KITS Medical College, Bhubaneswar  with Dr. M   Srichandan & others dermatologist from VSS Medical College & S C B Medical College  Cuttack started holding 2monthly  workshop &  CME at Bhubaneswar. The first  scientific  program conducted  was  work shop on Vitiligo Surgery at SUM hospital  Bhubaneswar, Dr. Bikash Kar gave the live demonstration of Punch & blister top graft  & Dr. C S Sirka demonstrated Chemical peeling with TCA. Subsequently   CME &  Workshop are conducted at 2 monthly and it’s continuing.   In the year 2008 after the inauguration of Dermahouse  Dr. Jayshree Mohanty took the charge of conducting  monthly scientific activity at Dermahouse under the name  of  “Twin City Derma Club” , which was strongly supported by Professor HC Mohanty,  Professor P Kanungo and young dermatologist of  Cuttack. The first scientific activity  was a case discussion on BT Hansens with ? Nerve abscess/ ? Sporotrichosis  presented by Dr. Monalisah Nanda & Moderated by Dr. C S  Sirka. Since then other  members like Dr. Kishan Agarwal, Dr. Monalisah Nanda have presented  cases and  scientific presentation & it’s continuing. Now all these activity are functioning under  the umbrella of IADVL Orissa Branch